My College Life
Notre Dame CollegeAnother golden time of my life. It was a dream of mine to be in Notre Dame College. I heard so much about it that I didn't think there was any second option other than this. The exam was somewhat OK but I finally got in.

College was full of fun and charm of life. At first I used to think would I ever be able to cope up with a new world ! But luckily, all my close school buddies were here. I still remember the class room. It was too huge. A class of 180 Students - with 7 rows to distribute them. From one end to other end - it was not possible to keep in touch. Somehow all the laboratorians were united in one single row - with some new guys.

A system of NDC was - everybody had fixed seat plan. Teachers didn't do any roll calling - They had the seat plan and all they used to do is check if certain persons are in certain seats. My good friends were close to me. Only one very quiet gentle fellow was caught up in between us. His name was Junaed. The guy was really gentle and sufferer of all our guilts. All the naughty things we used to did, he had to pay for. After so many years, I don't even know where he is now..

The classes were just like any other classes. Teachers were some good, some popular, some not so. We used to throw paper balls, planes laser pointers and what not at the teachers whom we didn't used to like. Sometimes we had to pay for our sins. Who can forget Terrence Sir ! He died few years back. No matter how harsh he was ... somehow we used to like him more than many teachers.

The best part of the college was, stunning environment - full of trees and huge field. Pressure for study was too much sometimes. Attending class from 8 AM in the morning till 5 PM in the afternoon - still we didn't complain. Now we know, it helped us to be the persons we are now.

I remember Anis Sir- our computer teacher. I never knew young teachers can be so awesome. His lecture style, depth of knowledge impressed us all. I used to be his favorite student - with my special interest in computer and logic. I soon proved myself. I remember, I didn't even have to attend Final exam's Viba.. When my turn came, he laughet and said "Tomake eigula ask kore kono luv ase ? jao .." .. Me, Mithun, Afnan tried to keep in touch with him. Even when we left college, we used to come back to visit our favorite teachers.

Despite of many unpleasant memories, the sweet memories are too great in numbers. The bonding between friends, with teachers, with life - taught us to be the human we are now. After so many years, I still can feel those childhood memories like they were yesterday. NDC will always have a special place in my heart, in my life.

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