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Added On : Tuesday - August 23, 2011 - 05:54:17 PM [GMT +6:00]
It has been many millions of years, since Mankind was struck down to Earth for taking the forbidden fruit.. Since then millions of generations have passed, millions of time human has gone through evolution - From walking without clothes and staying under the open sky to rising in the marvel of technological wonder. We have evolved, everyday a new child is born, he is an updated version of us. We are evolving, physically and externally ..

But how evolved MENTALLY r we really ? The constant urging to do the forbidden things, to explore forbidden territory is driving all of us - from children to adult all. Everyday the more we are evolving outside, the more we are exposing our inner animals. Everyday we are reading news of brutal killings, how 20 people are beating 16 year old to death without even asking questions, how 100 people with bamboo are ravaging over the body of 6 students without giving any attention to their cry of innocence, how our politicians are completely ignoring what is happening around and selling their own version of the truth to public .. Just few months back, I used to think that only 10% or less people are bad and terrorists - who control the 90% of the people by fear. But after seeing how a crowd in a local market can turn into a frightful mob just to beat somebody to death Without even knowing why and just because they can - made me thinking is it only 10% of us that are bad ? or the *animal* is in all of us just waiting for a cause to burst out ..

So, really how evolved are we ?

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