The things we want .. the things we get || X
Added On : Tuesday - February 07, 2012 - 04:22:42 PM [GMT +6:00]
How fast things change ! One moment you are waiting for the crown to be awarded to you, the next minute you know that you are out of the competition. How does it feel when you see someone getting something for their deeds and you know that for the same deeds done by you - you are getting nothing ?

You look around, walk around and you find all of a sudden, everything is against you - time, situation, people.. all the things that were good in your life is now either gone or has turned another face. You regret for your past indecision or your high expectation and wish that you could turn around and make things right. But when you have given your best at something and you are given the feedback that it's being well appreciated - your expectations are naturally to grow.

You believe something and take decision based on that belief - rather than what you see at hand. Later on, you pay a very high price for this mistake. Nothing feels more painful than to see your months' of works going down the drain - everything you did, all the good things everyone appreciated - all are suddenly declared *useless*. It breaks you. And for the same thing when someone is getting the deserving reward (which you did not), it twists you, demoralizes you, ends you...

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