Walking down the memory lane || X
Added On : Friday - March 28, 2014 - 12:09:13 AM [GMT +6:00]
After a long time, I am listening to those songs of Bappa, Habib and others from back in 2004 ~ 2006 timeline. Instantly I got lost in the old memories, in the old days. Missing my old buddies like hell - those timeless golden days of not caring anything else in the world except our own world, those get away tours to nowhere, those endless addas and hangouts .. those naughtiness, those sleepless nights on cloud-9, missing classes and going on drives - like nothing else matters, nothing else counts except the very time we were living. Lived every moment like it were the last, had every bit of fun juiced out of life. Those long drives with Bappa and Habib playing in the car - encapsulating us with their magic, emotions and lyrics. At times it used to feel like all those songs are written for us - although we were together but inside something was missing. This mixture of fun and loneliness has made our lived amazingly beautiful. Having fun all day and at the end when we are back home, used to dive into our own loneliness, searching for that *missing* ingredient. All those nights with দিন গেলো তোমার পথও চাহিয়া or আমি তোমাকেই বলে দেবো কি যে একা দীর্ঘ রাত in repeat mode unless it was all morning outside the window .. Leaning onto each other's shoulders to share our emptiness, constantly trying to make new short term friends to fill those void (but in vain) - never realized that those days will be gone one day and will leave us nothing but memories and some pictures .. Every other things in life that most people crave - like career, results - we cared about friendship, enjoying life, living the days, making them golden with our touch and embrace life as it is. How reckless we were ! how recklessly beautiful were those days !

It's been around 8 years we have been forced to abandon that old life. It was a time, a time that was very very short but memories have cut so deep inside that it will bring nostalgia for the rest of our lives and leave us with few drop of tears everytime it hits us ..

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