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Added On : Monday - November 16, 2015 - 01:03:05 AM [GMT +6:00]
Human life and purpose !!

What do we live for? How does someone live without a purpose ? without longing for higher things ? things they do not possess right now and want to have someday ? What about someone who has no longing for anything and believes has got everything he wanted and there is nothing more in life he wants ? How can he live and pass every single day ? Does it not bother him that, the fact he is passing and spending everyday has no means ? has no purpose ?

I was listening to some very soothing music.. This particular kinds of music takes me to a beautiful island, surrounded by nature, waterfalls, ocean and mountains.. beautiful sunsets and dawns. I feel like I am there at that time, or atleast I want to be there .. in my imagination, i visit there and the music helps me visualize every single detail of that soothing place .. the sound of waves breaking near the mountains .. Ahh, peace !!

Then all of a sudden, I thought, what if I could actually be there in some place like that ? Ok, maybe just with nature you cant survive, you need atleast a bit of civilization - food, a balcony, bed to sleep - maybe.. that can be a mansion OR a tree house like Tarzan, or a Island like PhiPhi, like the Holiday Inn cottages we stayed ..

Say I have any / all of those just as perfected as i want, just or maybe more than my imagination. THEN what ? is that it ? would I enjoy it for the rest of my life ? getting up in the morning with the sunshine, watching the sunset .. watching the stars and then go to sleep - same routine day in, day out .. Is that it ?

Maybe I need more .. Ok, someone to hold my hand, my life partner, my soulmate, in that place, in that beautiful place like my imagination.

Ok, now I am where I want to be, with whom I want to be. Is that it ? What is the purpose of my life then ? what is the challenge if I dont want anything more ? Feels so empty just to think about it, feels like lost in space for eternity - lost without a purpose, without a next goal or higher needs ... need to get more out of life, need to possess something more ..

Everyone has a purpose. A traveler, who has no interest in money or property or family bonds, also has a purpose, purpose to travel, to find new places, to have adventures.

A successful man in career, has purpose to be more successful, to climb higher up. Everyone wants to buy a car someday, buy a house someday. Those who have a car, want a better one someday. Those who have a house, want a bigger one someday.

Someone who is happy with car and house, makes it a purpose to raise their children - which becomes a life long purpose. Someone who doesnt have kids longs for a better life. Everyone has a purpose, everyone needs a purpose. Even the most religious saint, who has left family and earthly things, makes it his purpose to become closer to God, to make himself a better being.

Someone who doesnt have a purpose is like an empty shell, like a man without a life, a zombie. Someone who doesnt have a purpose, doesnt have the need to do anything. It's frustrating, depressing.

Everyone needs purpose, something more to gain, something more to possess. That's what makes us go, thats what keeps us running ..

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