What if Someday .. || X
Added On : Friday - February 27, 2009 - 09:10:07 PM [GMT +6:00]
Sometimes i think .. wat if, one day i hv to loose u . ?? wat if one day i wake up with the feelings that r not mine anymore ? someday i think, wat if u r gone from my life .. ?? wat if u r not thr anymore ? someday i think .. how WILL i ever live without u ? how COULD i ever live without u ? maybe thr was a time, i somehow lived without u .. but now as every single moment lapsed, u hv become the deepest part of me, my heart, my life ... so deep that even i could never go thr ... u hv been thr .. u hv touched my life, my heart and turned them to gold .. ur thought keeps me alive ... i am everything with u ... without u i am nothing ... I hv everything to loose now, coz i hv u and u r my everything ... if i ever loose u, i loose everything, i loose my life ... i cant think a single moment without u, with u i spend all my time ... even whn u r not around, u r always in my heart ... deep down i know u r thr .. as u know that i am thr for u .. i can stand anything as long as u r with me, but i cant stand the thought that life may take a turn to be rude and take u away from me .. parting 1 merged soul into two different places ... i love u jaan, and i WONT die without u, but it will be WORSE than death without u ....

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