Fake People.. || X
Added On : Friday - March 13, 2009 - 03:34:39 AM [GMT +6:00]
Sometimes I ask myself - who am i really ? To be more precise, who am i ? Is it my physical form ? or the character I play ? or the feelings i have ? Maybe it is the morals i follow .. Or maybe, it's just a combination of all of it. Then doesn't that make us fake people ? For all our lives we have been playing different persons. All trying to be something other than the person who we really are. Pretending - to make others happy and feel good about ourselves. Playing the role of some person to earn our livelihood.. Who are we ? Who am I ? I ask myself - Am I an engineer ? Or a Banker ? Am I a friendly person ? or someone who likes to pass quiet time with himself in his room ? Why do we always have to pretend to be someone else who we are not ? Pretend to be smart, pretend to be creative, to be genious; pretend to be caring or pretend to be rude.. pretend to be hard or to be soft.. Amidst of all these identity, we finally lost who we actually are ! With so much pretending, we don't know when not to pretend.

We are Just Fake people, with fake lives and fake world around us .. Fake faces with fake feelings.. Fake life with fake happiness .. We are all Just Fake People

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