Life in a New Box .. || X
Added On : Friday - June 05, 2009 - 09:38:39 PM [GMT +6:00]
Life. It isn't anymore the way it used to be. All those free times, fun, hangouts, no worries, no tension, no sense of huge responsibility. No answering for anything. Things have changed .. Job, life, settlement, position, marriage, someone else's life merged with mine, her happiness, responsiblities lying with me, everything has all of a sudden put me in the question seat - Can I do it all ? What does the future hold for me ? Can i make things suited for me ? can I make MYSELF suited for all these ? Don't know. I can only hope and pray. But why should Allah listen to my prayers ? I am nothing but a sinner !! So much sin, so much hatrade, so much dirt ..

Don't know anything. Standing on a shore of big unknown sea, waiting for my big journey INTO the sea with nothing but a small raft .. Will it hold ? or will I Drown ?

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