Hypothetics of Life.. || X
Added On : Saturday - August 08, 2009 - 08:13:13 PM [GMT +6:00]
When i think back about my life, many times i think many different scenario. I am not claiming that i have strong imagination, but i hv no fruitful imagination at all. But i DO like to go back and think about the different paths life could have taken me. It's not that I am anyhow complaining about the path i am on right now, but that doesn't mean I can't think about the other paths !

A Friend of mine posted our BUET 2000 Batch civil catalog. As I was looking at that, it reminded me the wonderful time i spent there. Reminded me how i wasted some of the best years of my life for nothing, reminded me of all those faces, I used to see everyday. Then i think, What if, I was a bit more serious then maybe things would be different !

Then I went back further more .. What if I studied my dream topics ? Things I really were good at ? things I had passion more than anything ? WHere would I be today ? How would things be like ?

Then I think .. How "answering a simple phone call" can change your life in a way U can never imagine. I still remember, answering to a call many years back on a special day - which led my life to a new way.. Made me dream of a wonderful future .. How would I be without that simple incident ? How would my life be Now ?

I dont know why I even bother about those hypothetics. One way or other, My life turned out to be OK ..thanx to Almighty Allah.. But somewhere, somehow, in some lonesome time in my cornered room, I miss being a different me .. i miss the other path. Let's Just say, I am tired of being ME all the time .. or in other words, I miss never being able to be the 'me' I really am, the Actual ME and I am dead tired of Pretending to be someone I am not .. pretending to be how others want me to be ..

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