The Moon .. The Sky and the Wind.. || X
Added On : Wednesday - January 06, 2010 - 12:21:18 AM [GMT +6:00]
Times have changed. It changed so many things along with it. I remember, walking under the open sky with moonlight waves skimming all over the roof. Every evening or night, whenever there was some darkness, i used to climb the ladder up above my room very own rooftop, no other building near me blocking my view. The sky was clear and all over me. I remember, closing my eyes, spreading my hands like wings, chin-up staring at the big big sky and going round and round and round. All of a sudden It gave me a feel there is an unlimited emptiness all around me .. only desolated land bathing in moonlight sea; I am floating under a big mystery, mystery of beauty, mystery of the universe. All of a sudden, everything else vanished. There was only Me, The Sky and the Moonlight and the Wind .. Nothing else exists, nothing else ever existed. When i got tired going round and round, I used to just sit down leaning my back against the wall - with my chin still up, staring at the big sky - with a moon in it, hiding behind the mysterious clouds.

Times used to pass. Minutes, hours - I didn't care. At least that was one experience which gave me a meaning of existence; a meaning of being alive. WHenever i felt like, Whenever I was down or sad, I used to climb up and lose myself in unnatural mystery of natural beauty ..

And there were the days when the Moon was at its dark. At that time, the stars used to show there magic. Millions of stars in the clear sky, with soft breeze blowing through my hair - ahh, where did all those go ?

Just some minutes ago, while I was closing the window, I saw a part of the moon, trying to show its face through some building. Withing a fraction of a second, I remembered, How once there was a time, there was only cloud between me and the moon - and a vast space, maybe time too .. but if beauty could transcend time and space - do u think I will ever get those beauty back ?

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