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Added On : Saturday - April 24, 2010 - 10:44:47 PM [GMT +6:00]
What are the things in life we want the most ? Is it money ? is it a fantastic job ? A Good family ? Peace in family? Freedom ? what do we want .. ?? Few days back I was wanting something and then after few days, I asked for something else ..Then one day I found myself standing infront of a mirror, asking myself - What exactly do I want ? Is it possible to be satisfied by wanting just one thing ? or do we keep wanting things every now and then in every possible steps of life ..? We are so concerned about wanting things from life - jumping from one want to another that we don't even bother to care if we really got the things we wanted in the past !! So, its' like, we dont really care if we get things or not - we will always be wanting .. from one want to another, our want for things in life will never end. .. SO what's the point at all in wanting - if we Don't get or don't care if we really get the things ?

You live alone - You want someone
You live with someone - You want to be alone
You Don't have a job - You want one
You have a job - You want a better one
You don't have a family - You want one
You Have a Family - you want freedom
You have a Freedom - You want someone to tell u what to do
You are poor - You want money
You have Money - You want happiness
You have happiness - you want to know what to do with it
You have knowledge - You want to use it ..

Nothing makes sense

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