Too Much Mosquitos.. || X
Added On : Saturday - February 28, 2009 - 07:43:56 PM [GMT +6:00]
Don't Remember when I last slept in the afternoon without being woke up with thousands of mosquito bites in my forehead, hand and mouth. I Remember, when I was a child, some *sensible* authority used planes to spread spray to kill mosquitos. Later on, though I didn't see the planes anymore, but every once in a while I used to hear the sound of spraying machine - city corporation people spraying in the area - roads, corners, drains. When we used to live in Kathalbagan - though my room was on the roof [more chance of bugs] I never used a mosquito net, not even at night. But now ! Let alone Sleeping at Night, I cant even SIT during day time .. As I am writing this, I am typing in One hand and holding the Mosquito Bat in another .. still getting brush-fired by thousands of mosquitos... Is there ANYBODY out there who in his / her RIGHT mind use authority power to start spraying Again ??

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