Ten Commandments for Facebook || X
Added On : Wednesday - March 04, 2009 - 12:35:06 AM [GMT +6:00]
ONE : If you're ugly, stop acting like you don't know it & stop using cute nicknames. The captions under your picture that says "top model pose", "sexy", "arnt i hot" doesn't convince anyone.

TWO : To the people who have like over 1000 friends - are you serious? Nobody in this universe can keep up with that many friends. You're just stupid. Go play in traffic.

THREE : If you're real pretty, dont approve all friends request and pestering your pals later on how u hate getting stupid comments & messages. You're the one who approved them in the 1st place!! Be realistic on what u're getting into!!

FOUR : Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG,I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them - right?

FIVE : Stop peeping others wall to see wat that guy or gal have conversed. Also stop being a Tomboy/girl looking for new pals in others profiles.

SIX : Posting tons of walls a day, begging people to send a post, hug, gifts etc.. " IS PATHETIC & IMATURE. " .PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOU WILL SEND YOU THINGS ANYWAY.. Please dont junk others' profile so to get your wall post multiplied

SEVEN : If all your pictures look the same, don't post them all. Please put some variety in your pics. Nobody wants to see your face 10 different ways.

EIGHT : Who really cares if I/U don't accept you/me as a friend? MOVE ON!!! Don't send me another request or message asking "what's up with you not adding me?" I don't want you as a friend; that's what's up!

NINE : Little 6th graders, go somewhere else because nobody wants you here and also other than Orkut, you have better things in this world to get addicted!

TEN : Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded.

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